How You Can Make Money from Podcast Guest Appearances

How You Can Make Money from Podcast Guest Appearances

Appearing as a guest on podcasts is a great marketing strategy that can help you achieve your business goals. In fact, it can even help you earn more money both directly and indirectly. Here are a few ways you can make money from your podcast guest appearances.

Do Podcasts Pay Their Guests?

Unfortunately, podcasts don’t typically pay guests. From the smallest niche-specific shows to the biggest names, there’s rarely any exchange of money. Instead, appearing on podcasts pays you in other — sometimes more valuable — ways.  

Earn Directly: Pitch Products and Promotions

When you appear as a guest on a podcast, you bring along a topic to discuss and share your expert opinion on. But if the host is okay with it, you can also pitch products or promotions you have going, if they’re relevant to the topic you’re discussing.

For example, if you have a limited-time offer running now, you can mention this. If you just put out a book, you might tell the audience about it if you think it would help them. You can even make a special offer just to podcast listeners. Tell them the offer code on the show.

Make sure you know when the episode will air so that your offer is still going.

Earn Indirectly: Grow Your Audience

One way podcast guest appearances can help you earn money indirectly is by growing your audience. You have a chance to get in front of the host’s audience and show them the value you have to offer. They’ll then visit your site or social media profile to follow you and see what else you offer. This is a great way to bring new leads into your marketing funnel and then you can make targeted offers to them.

Earn Indirectly: Establish Your Name

You can also earn money indirectly by appearing on a number of podcasts in your niche or industry and building up your profile. Use these appearances to share your expertise and knowledge. Focus on helping listeners solve their problems. If you get in a regular routine of appearances, you’ll establish yourself as an influencer, and you can leverage this status to promote your products and offerings.

Start Your Own Podcast

If you love podcasting, starting your own podcast is a great way to earn additional income. Podcasts are extremely popular today, so it’s easy to build an engaged audience there to pitch products to. There are also a number of effective monetization strategies you can use to earn income from your work.

How to Get Podcast Guest Appearances

It all starts with booking your first podcast guest appearance. Identify small podcasts whose listenership can benefit from your expertise and come up with a few unique topic ideas to pitch to them.

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